Strategic and CFO Advisory Services for Startups and Entrepreneurs

We at Foresight Financial have a passion for entrepreneurship. We will help you determine how much money you need to raise, what you will use it for and how to determine your milestones to increase your valuation.

We will help prepare you to pitch to investors, prepare investor slide presentations and will make introductions to investors. We will assist in increasing profitability, managing cash flow and planning a blueprint to your success!!!

  • Services offered include:
    • Cash flow management and budgeting
    • Profitability maximization strategies
    • Preparation of Dynamic Business Models
    • Monthly Prepared Financial Statements
    • Determination of amount of money raised and use of proceeds
    • Preparation of Capitalization Tables
    • Preparation of Investor Slide Decks
    • in presenting to investor sources
    • Introductions to angel and venture capital sources
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